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A Step by Step Guide so You Can Join the Social Media Network

Are you using social bookmarking sites? About 84% of marketers targeting other businesses do! The great benefit to social bookmarking is that it allows users to enter links and images to their own content into the social sphere, which can help to increase online visibility. If you are not yet engaged with a social bookmarking site, then here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Review a list of top bookmarking sites.
  2. The first step is to take stock of the social networking scene. Which sites are most popular? Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Delicious are all some of the big names today. Did you know that there are 58 million tweets each day, and more than 2.1 billion Twitter searches every day? Once you have a list, learn more about each site. Is your target demographic a regular user of this particular site? What about your competition? This bookmarking sites list will help you to get a broad idea of where you might want to target y Continue reading…

Your Future Clients Are on Social Bookmarking Sites, You Should Be Too

Did you know that 84% of business to business marketers are using social bookmarking sites? You have probably noticed even on your Pinterest, that Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, nail polish and cosmetic companies, they are all sharing their products through social bookmarking. While social bookmarking was originally intended to give users a way to organize and share their favorite bookmarks, it has quickly become a unique marketing tool. Here are three tips to help you more effectively use social bookmarking.

  • Categorize, and tag correctly.
  • The majority of social bookmarking sites allow you to label, or tag your bookmark. You define what it is relevant to, allowing other users to receive content that they are specifically interested in. Therefore, if you are posting a recipe from your food blog, or a picture of a great food product that you created, look at how other people are tagging food pictures and related sites. Having the right tags could get your content discovered Continue reading…

Discover New Interests Through Social Bookmark Sites

A big part of what makes the internet community so vibrant is the ability to share information that matters to people who have like minded interests. The use of social bookmarking sites is just one way to do this, but it is a method that serves multiple purposes.

Social bookmark sites can serve, in their own way, as news feeds that connect you to the latest information as it happens. The website Twitter is an excellent example of this. One of the great things about this site is that it is very conducive to customization. You can add the individual feeds of people and individuals to whom you wish to stay connected to specific lists, making them easier to keep organized.

Social bookmarking sites can function as virtual cork boards where you can save items you come across in the course of your daily online searches. If you are a more visually oriented person, the site Pinterest may be the ideal option for you. Perhaps you are an avid cook who is always on the lookout for new and exciti Continue reading…

Miss Your Distant Family? Use Social Bookmarking to Stay Connected

Much of the power of the internet is derived from the fact that it allows more people than ever before to stay connected with each other. In fact, more than 55% of Americans have an account on a social networking account that enables them to interact with friends, family, business partners, and even strangers with common interests from around the world. While some will enjoy the company of others by sending emails, instant messaging, or even video conferencing, others will want to use social bookmark sites that let them share links and media that they find interesting.

One of the advantages to using bookmark sites is that it allows individuals to share items with family members when they are unable to attend particular events. For instance, if a family lives in Upstate, NY, but has relatives in Florida, it might be hard for them to get together when little kids have a play or sports game. However, with bookmarking, the family can post their pictures or videos online and easily share t Continue reading…