A Crash Course in Social Bookmarking Sites

What is a social bookmarking site? Chances are, you have used one without even knowing it. Social bookmark sites are sites where you can tag your favorite websites and share them with friends. Many of these sites organize them by most popular, recently added, or into groups such as politics, sports, poetry, nature, science, etc, tailored to the interests of the user.

Some social bookmarking sites are concerned with news items. Social news sites like Digg and Reddit offer the ability to bookmark not just whole websites, but specific news articles or blogs. A social bookmarking site such as this will be constantly changing with posts of breaking news headlines, and members of the online community will discuss the current events by way of commenting on a given article.

A social bookmarking site help you to hone in on your interests online. Instead of searching for one specific topic or article on Google which can burn up time, you are able to customize and fine tune what it is comes up on your social bookmarking site feed. Furthermore, when you search on a social bookmarking site for something specific, what you get in return is a list of websites which show how many times each site has been shared or voted on, making the process of choosing what website to visit much easier and faster.

Social bookmarking sites act as a sort of terminal for the web. You go to the page with a specific goal in mind that you are looking for, much like you line up for the train with a specific destination to end up. Searching your topic of choice on a social bookmarking site is like boarding the train itself, and clicking the link sends you ripping down the tracks toward your goal. Try it out if you are curious, you never know where you might end up.