Discover New Interests Through Social Bookmark Sites

A big part of what makes the internet community so vibrant is the ability to share information that matters to people who have like minded interests. The use of social bookmarking sites is just one way to do this, but it is a method that serves multiple purposes.

Social bookmark sites can serve, in their own way, as news feeds that connect you to the latest information as it happens. The website Twitter is an excellent example of this. One of the great things about this site is that it is very conducive to customization. You can add the individual feeds of people and individuals to whom you wish to stay connected to specific lists, making them easier to keep organized.

Social bookmarking sites can function as virtual cork boards where you can save items you come across in the course of your daily online searches. If you are a more visually oriented person, the site Pinterest may be the ideal option for you. Perhaps you are an avid cook who is always on the lookout for new and exciting recipes. With Pinterest, you can easily find ideas as posted by others in the online community which you can then utilize when preparing your own meals.

If you prefer a top bookmarking site that effectively crowdsources articles are particularly relevant or of interest for whatever reason, Reddit is an excellent option. In this site, readers can vote an article up or down based on whether or not they found it useful. Some of the most viral news stories online make a splash on Reddit.

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