Quick, Free, and Easy Publicity For Your Website

Among all of the great techniques of online marketing available today, social bookmark sites are among the most effective and affordable. The top bookmarking sites on the internet will distribute and link the website of your company to up to 200 other sites. Social bookmark sites are an excellent, free resource for gaining publicity, generating leads, and, ultimately, increasing revenue.

The premise behind social bookmarking is simple. The more reputable database websites that your site is linked to, the more accessible it is to internet searchers. The algorithms of most internet search engines, as pertains to result rank, operate on permeation. The more your site is shared, rated, linked, commented upon, and visited on the web, the higher up the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) your link will move.

Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of internet users do not click past the first page of search results when looking for a good or service. This is, along with SEO content, where social bookmark sites come in handy. Since your website will have more content related to it, and will be shared by more archive sites, your website may find itself favored by the Google algorithm.

There is really no reason to refuse to use social bookmark sites. They are quick, free, and easy. Once upon a time, when one wished to bookmark their website to another, he had to copy and paste the links individually, both of his site and the one linked to. Today, however, with just one pasting of your link, social bookmark sites will automatically connect your link with hundreds of other reputable sites, promoting everyone in the spirit of collectivization.