Social Bookmarking and SEO

Social bookmarking sites can be another powerful tool in your search engine optimization toolbox. In terms of boosting your search results standings, they give you leverage in their potential for social sharing and ability to create new traffic for your site.

A significant part of the search engine rankings comes from the authority of your content. This is determined, in part, by the number of links that you have coming in to your site. When you encourage others to use social bookmark sites, and include your website, then you exponentially grow the number of sites that link to your own.

This number of links from your bookmark sites will help increase your search result ranking for specific keywords or phrases. Also, the different social media users that bookmark sites can influence the weighting of your bookmarked site. For example, if a highly authoritative user acknowledges your site through social bookmark sites and their own content, then your incoming links might carry more weight in the search engine rankings.

You can encourage the bookmarking and sharing behavior from your own site and social media posts. Every time you publish any content, make sure to also publish to a bookmark site and to request the same from your visitors. You can employ social media buttons on your site that provide the single click bookmark site functionality. When a visitor encounters your site and adds it to social sites with the bookmark site button, you can potentially enjoy traffic increases from their social network too.

Also, make sure to promote your content through other social media resources. Use your network and actively ask them to share. When you do that and provide the proper link, you will the viral nature of your content improve as it gets wider distribution. By consistently following these tips to share and add to bookmark sites, your content will inevitably increase in the search results, meaning a boost to your site traffic.