Your Future Clients Are on Social Bookmarking Sites, You Should Be Too

Did you know that 84% of business to business marketers are using social bookmarking sites? You have probably noticed even on your Pinterest, that Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, nail polish and cosmetic companies, they are all sharing their products through social bookmarking. While social bookmarking was originally intended to give users a way to organize and share their favorite bookmarks, it has quickly become a unique marketing tool. Here are three tips to help you more effectively use social bookmarking.

  • Categorize, and tag correctly.
  • The majority of social bookmarking sites allow you to label, or tag your bookmark. You define what it is relevant to, allowing other users to receive content that they are specifically interested in. Therefore, if you are posting a recipe from your food blog, or a picture of a great food product that you created, look at how other people are tagging food pictures and related sites. Having the right tags could get your content discovered more quickly.

  • Pretty pictures and brand visibility matter.
  • When people bookmark sites on social bookmarking, they are sharing something that they think other people will care about. You can create brand visibility if you highlight pictures, news articles, videos, or content that is easy consumed and highly share-able. For example, if you supply hardware and engineering tools, sharing pictures of latch clamps and links to your line of industrial handles is not going to light up the social network. Pictures of animals, or articles about technology, will.

  • Know your demographic.
  • If you want to reach young women, and young mothers, you need to use Pinterest. If your target is young men, then Pinterest will be a tremendous waste of time. You will find Manteresting far more useful. Consider the social bookmarking site and its typical demographic carefully if you want your marketing to go viral.

The top bookmarking sites are Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Technorati, Twitter, Google Bookmarks, and Mixx, depending on who you ask. Once upon a time, the only bookmarking that people did was to save their favorite websites in their browser. Now, bookmarking has become a social activity. Follow these tips and use it to your advantage.